JAQUA Recipe of the Month- July 2018 ( Yay! Wedding Season)

Hi Ladies- Just 3 easy ingredients and you are on your way to a delicious celebration beverage! Pink Champagne Cocktail is a little bit sweet, a lot bubbly, and perfect for parties.
A perfect cocktail for celebrating anything. Summer, Love, Friendship, Weddings. Really ANYTHING. Make a batch just to celebrate you! I found this recipe www.sugardishme.com, it's fun, east, and Yummy! 
Pink Champagne Cocktail
Author: Heather Tullos
Pretty pink cocktails perfect for celebrating! Pink Champagne Cocktails are easy to make with only 3 ingredients.

½ ounce vodka
3 ounces pink champagne, chilled
cranberry gingerale, chilled (see note)
strawberry or sugared cranberry garnish (optional)

1. Pour the vodka in the bottom of a champagne flute.
2. Top it with the chilled pink champagne.
3. Fill the glass the rest of the way with the cranberry gingerale. Garnish with a strawberry or sugared cranberry

Recipe by Sugar Dish Me at https://www.sugardishme.com/pink-champagne-cocktail/