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Jaqua's Spa Party Guide: Picking a reason to celebrate!

We love throwing spa parties for every occasion, and we know a thing or two about how to make them special. Whether it's "girls night in," a birthday party, a romantic night with a loved one, or a way to spend some quality time with mom, spa gatherings are our favorite way to celebrate and rejuvenate with friends and family. Here are 7 different reasons to throw a fabulous spa party:


1. Spa Party for One

Taking time out for yourself is one of the simple pleasures in life. It starts with a "do not disturb" sign on our bathroom door, a long relaxing bath with a fragrant gel, soothing music, candles lit around the tub, our hair pulled up and covered in a moisturizing hair masque, that great book or magazine we've been dying to read, and a yummy chocolate treat! Life is good!

2. Luxury Party

Nothing says luxury like a fancy hotel, so when we're really in the mood for feeling pampered, we invite our friends to a spa party at a luxury getaway. Since luxury is all about service, we choose a location that has plenty of staff on hand to feed and serve us! (Room service, daahling).

Before guests arrive, we make sure to have enough hand towels, bath towels, glasses, plates, eating utensils, and napkins delivered for all of our guests. (Most hotels are happy to oblige, but warn them ahead of time).

3. Bridal or Baby Shower

Shower the bride or mother-to-be by throwing a great spa party with her closest friends and loved ones. This is one way for new friends and families to get to know each other while allowing her to relax before her big day. Try pairing ladies from each side of the family together so that new bonds are made! This spa party will leave her glowing and feeling special!

4. Travel Spa

Whenever we travel we like to take the best of our spa experiences with us. For relaxing, spa-style, while sitting in airplanes, cars, trains, or hotel rooms, our packing list must-haves include a hydrating facial mist, moisturizing lip balms and body butters (in mini sizes), a good book, a hand-held massager, our favorite facial masque, and a fragrant shower or bubble bath gel. To really get in the spa mood, take cucumber slices with you in a small zip lock bag for soothing your tired eyes (or snacking)!

5. Couples Romance

Whether you're in a new relationship or a long-lasting one, nothing brings couples together better than a spa party for two. The basics include: a warm bath tub full of fragrant bubbles (we love our shower syrups, which double as bubble baths!), candles lit in every room, massages with a moisturizing body lotion, and chocolate and champagne, of course!

6. Mother's Day

Mothers and daughters don't always agree, but Jaqua's found something they're sure to agree on...spa treatments. Whether you create an intimate gathering for you and your mom or throw a party for all of the mothers and daughters you know, partnered hand and foot treatments are sure to bridge the generation gap, creating a beautiful way to bond.

7. Tween Queen

Tweens love spa parties, and they love sleepovers, so we like to combine them whenever possible! Choose products with trusted ingredients and playful fragrances that are sure to please your tween queen! Have her invite an even number of friends so that everyone has a partner. Cucumber slices on the eyes not only refresh them, they make for great photo ops when all the girls have on masques and cucumber slices. Make sure you take lots of photos! If it's a sleepover, make sure everyone brings their own sleeping bag. In the morning, a pancake breakfast is always a big hit!

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