Ways to reuse and recycle our jars, tins, and bottles!

Ways to reuse and recycle our jars, tins, and bottles!

We always strive to be environmentally responsible, using alternative and recyclable packaging, earth-friendly vegetable inks, post-consumer-resin jars, and organic ingredients whenever possible. We want you to be able to indulge in our products knowing that we are doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint and protect our one and only planet. We are constantly rethinking our product formulas and packaging and hope to be as sustainable as possible in every aspect of our production. We also make all of our skin care products locally in the USA!

We have come a long way with making our packaging more environmentally friendly, and that includes recycling our packaging whenever we can! 

In honor of Earth Day, here are some fun ways we have been reusing our jars, tins, and bottles once we run out of our favorite products!


1. Plant propagation stations

This one is a no-brainer! We keep all of our glass bottles and containers, like this gorgeous hand blown glass bird diffuser, and fill them with plant cuttings! Simply wash them out with warm, soapy water, take a clipping of your favorite plant, and place it in the container with some fresh water. You'll have roots growing in no time, and you can take the plant out and pot it, or leave it in the water as it grows! It looks beautiful, and helps you grow more plants!

 Jaqua Hand Blown Glass Bird Diffuser

2. Cute containers for miscellaneous items

We always seem to have small items lying around that can be organized by storing them in our reusable tins and jars! Our natural soy candles, hand crème gift sets, and perfume oil variety sets all come in the cutest baking tins with lids, and they are the perfect sizes for storing small collectible items and various household objects! From paper clips to bobby pins to handwritten notes, these sweet tins will keep all of your belongings organized!

 Jaqua Perfume Oil Variety Set Tin

3. Spray bottles for misting plants etc.

Something we always seem to need but never seem to have on hand is a good spray bottle! We use spray bottles to mist our plants with water for added humidity, to mix vinegar and water for a good cleaning spray, or to fill with rosemary water to spritz on our hair. Once we use up our rose hydrating facial mists, body mists, and eau de parfums, we like to clean out our bottles and repurpose them! They are perfect for refilling and using for all of your spritzing and misting needs!

 Jaqua Rose Bouquet Hydrating Facial Mist Bottle

4. Sealed storage jars

Finally, our body butter and sugar scrub jars are great for storing items that need a better seal! With lids that screw on tightly, they are great for holding little snacks, preserving leftover paint, or holding clean cotton balls. Just make sure you give them a good scrub before you reuse them! 

Jaqua Buttercream Frosting Body Butter

Let us know how you reuse and recycle your jars, tins, and bottles when you run out of your favorite products! Also, check out our subscribe and save option the next time you order from us! You'll automatically replenish your favorite products at a discounted price, so you'll save money and never run out of the skincare products you need!

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